Cannonball products


A W&W Cycles brand, created for those pull-out-all-the-stops projects. These are essential parts for every kind of customizing, repair or restoration where OEM parts are increasingly hard to find. There's engine cases and associate innards for flathead, Knucklehead and Panhead engines available, along with period correct front forks, wheels and fuel tanks.

The parts are being made by carefully selected manufacturers, using traditional and/or state of the art materials and processes for highest precision, safety and longevity, and only go into production after careful evaluation and extensive road testing. In short, they're parts that would have appealed to Erwin George 'Cannonball' Baker, who's been the inspiration and namesake for the Cannonball brand. It is a homage to his legendary record breaking 1914 dash across the US, taking a then hard-to-believe 11 days from coast to coast.